Author: DFNS

Amphibious Warfare

Airlift and air insertion by MRH-90 ‘Taipan’ is regarded as an important enabler of Australian Army amphibious warfare capability. Interview with Lieutenant Colonel Douglas Pashley Commanding Officer 2nd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment Previously, one...

Hawkei enters Army service

The Australian Army is acquiring 1100 Hawkei Light Protected Mobility Vehicle (PMV-L), manufactured by Thales Australia in Bendigo The Australian Army’s new Hawkei protected mobility vehicle (PMV) is now becoming a familiar sight around...

Syria, Iran & Israel: Strike. Counter-Strike. Repeat.

The F-16I and F-35I provide the Israeli Air Force with the capability to attack targets throughout the Middle East, including Syria In the first half of 2018 the militaries of Israel and Iran have...

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