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Supplier Showcase – Wartsila Australia

From complete integrated systems to more defined solutions, Wartsila offers a unique combination of support throughout all lifecycle stages: design, construction and operation. …read more Read more here:: Australian Defence Magazine

Supplier Showcase – Air Affairs Australia

Established in 1995 and 100 per cent Australian owned, AAA is a leader in the provision of specialised airborne and engineering services. …read more Read more here:: Australian Defence Magazine

Supplier Showcase – ACO Polycrete

ACO has been supply products and solutions to the Australian construction and building industry for over 25 years. …read more Read more here:: Australian Defence Magazine

Penske debuts next generation diesels for submarines

A the submarine variant of MTU’s Series 4000 diesel, it could be considered for projects such as the upgrade of the current Collins class and inclusion within the Australian future submarine. …read more Read...

Cablex to capture European demand with Polish office

Poland has embarked upon an ambitious armed forces modernisation program and the government is planning to spend $45 billion over the next decade. …read more Read more here:: Australian Defence Magazine

Cyber security alert: Malware aimed at defence sector

While some of the campaigns have taken place in Australia, the majority of the campaigns have been observed within the US and South Korea during the past few months. …read more Read more here::...

Australia’s grand naval shipbuilding plan

Australia has long built warships and submarines, albeit on a stop-go basis. However, the shipyard infrastructures for each new build and the associated skills developed during the construction phase have generally dissipated after the...

ASW in the Asia-Pacific

With the ever increasing threat of war with North Korea, the rise of Chinese territorial ambitions in the South China Sea and unrest throughout the region, much of the world’s focus has now turned...

Need for organic amphibious capability

In July an Australian & New Zealand Amphibious Ready Group made history with the largest amphibious assault by Australian forces in 70 years. The event during Exercise Talisman Saber 2017, involved the embarkation of...

Fifth generation surface warfare fleet emerges

Since the Cold War ended the US Navy has dominated the seas, and this has allowed Western navies to focus on projecting power from the sea, generally in support of land force interventions in...

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